Ref. 3805 - Lounge seating
PNG sofa adeline

Adeline - 3805

From  198  Excl tax
Ref. 2270 - Lounge seating
PNG amelie blanc

Amélie - 2270

From  44  Excl tax
Ref. 2271 - Lounge seating
PNG amelie moutarde

Amélie - 2271

From  44  Excl tax
Ref. 2272 - Lounge seating
PNG amelie turquoise

Amélie - 2272

From  44  Excl tax
Ref. 2273 - Lounge seating
PNG amelie gris

Amélie - 2273

From  44  Excl tax
Ref. 2274 - Lounge seating
PNG amelie brique

Amélie - 2274

From  44  Excl tax
Ref. 2275 - Lounge seating
PNG amelie noir

Amélie - 2275

From  44  Excl tax
Ref. 2600 - Lounge seating
PNG canapé babaloum

Babaloum - 2600

From  188  Excl tax
Ref. 1615 - Lounge seating
PNG bay

Bay - 1615

From  100  Excl tax

Explore our diverse range of sofas and armchairs for event rental in Toulouse, the Toulouse region and throughout France. At Lign’E, we offer you a varied selection of sofas ranging from contemporary design to timeless classic, suitable for all styles and occasions.

Whether you need a spacious sofa to accommodate a large group or a more intimate chair to create comfortable lounge spaces, we have what you need. Our sofas are available in a range of sizes and configurations, from 2 seater sofas to modular corner sofas, to meet your specific seating capacity needs.

Made from high quality materials, our sofas are designed to provide both comfort and durability whether used indoors or outdoors. Choose from a variety of materials, fabric, faux leather, synthetic and many more, to create the perfect ambiance for your event.

At Lign’E, we understand the importance of aesthetics in creating memorable event spaces. That’s why we focus on the design and quality of our sofas, ensuring that they complement your decor harmoniously.

Whether you are organizing an elegant wedding, a corporate reception or an outdoor event, our sofas and chairs are the ideal choice to offer your guests superior comfort and refined style.

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