General Conditions of Furniture Rental

Any rental signifies the client’s full agreement to the present general rental conditions and nullifies any document originating with the client even if LIGN’E has been made aware of it.

Article 1

The client must place the order in writing indicating the quantity and the reference numbers of the furniture or equipment rented, the agreed price, the dates, and the rental location.
The order becomes final once the client has signed the order confirmation or the estimate drawn up by LIGN’E with the general rental conditions attached.
The same will be true for any request for modification and/or additional order. Payment for the entire order, including insurance charges, must accompany the order.
Any order which does not include payment cannot be honored.
The order must be received no later than 14 days before the date of the event. Beyond that, it will be increased by 15% of the current rate.
All first-time orders from a new client must also include its business and banking information.
in order to establish its account. If not, the order cannot be accepted by LIGN’E.

Article 2
Changes · Cancellation

Circumstances such as problems arising from availability of inventory and fabrication turn-around time may sometimes lead LIGN’E to substitute furniture and equipment of quality identical to that ordered.
The client is considered to have accepted it unless this replacement material has been refused at the time of receipt of the order confirmation.
The client will remain liable for any order cancelled, even partially, and will be billed for the entire amount.
By special arrangement, LIGN’E may accept a cancellation in writing, which will, in any case, give rise to the billing of a withdrawal penalty equivalent to 20% of the total amount of the order, including tax.
No deductions shall be applied for all fully or partially cancelled equipment or for any change in furniture.

Article 3

Two prices are in effect on the website. The first rate (Zone 1) is applied for operations taking place up to 100 km around Toulouse. The second (Zone 2) for operations taking place beyond 100 km around Toulouse.
All prices indicated by LIGN’E, including those indicated on its e-commerce site, are in Euros, excluding taxes, without discount and for a period of less than 8 days.
Transportation is included only for fairs and trade shows taking place within a radius of 30 km of our warehouse and for which LIGN’E is an official supplier.
Labor costs are subject to a free access for the trucks, a delivery on the ground floor or through goods.
Non- standard deliveries (by stair cases, unconventional hours, with li- mited parking access …) will be subject to extra charges.
Extra transport / labor costs will also apply on orders placed after the of- ficial start of the celebration.

Article 4
Flate fees

In cases of payment past due, the client will automatically be assessed, without notification, a late fee equivalent to two times the legal interest rate in effect on the due date.
If one bill payment is missed, all other bills due or not yet due become immediately payable without notification or further procedure.

Article 5
Delivery · Return

Delivery of the equipment rented is performed by LIGN’E under the conditions set forth in the order confirmation forwarded to the client.
The client is responsible for the equipment rented from the time of its delivery until its return. Equipment rented in good condition must be used as intended and the client promises not to treat it or let it be treated in a way which may damage it.
The client is liable for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment which may occur. The client must make all arrangements necessary to insure against these risks, and generally speaking, against any damage for which he or she will be held responsible.
In case of damage, the client will be liable for paying the cost of repair or replacement of the items if they cannot be repaired.
The equipment or furniture must be restored to LIGN’E empty of all contents as of the close of the event.
LIGN’E will in no case become liable for the loss or damage to objects which were not removed from the furniture rented.
The equipment or furniture remains the exclusive property of LIGN’E and may not be moved, transferred, or lent in any way. Any dispute on the quality or quantity of the rented furniture must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours after delivery, after this period no dispute will be accepted.
If the recipient refuses partial or full delivery, for any reason what- soever, the principal shall still be liable to the obligation of a 100% settlement of the LIGN’E invoice.

Article 6
Compulsory Insurance fees

An insurance fee will cover the renter against risks of theft (provided that a report has been filed), or damage from the day preceding the official opening until the closing day.
If the renter declines the insurance, he or she assumes full liability in case of damage or loss of the equipment. The nature of some products of our offer (multimedia, coffee machine, water fountain, fridge) such as their specific usage, worthiness or fragility prevents them any insurance coverage.
These products will be under the sole responsibility of the client, from the delivery to the pick-up. In case of theft, loss, or any damage caused to such material, a compensation invoice will be charged to the client, worth 3 times the catalogue price.
For some products, we could ask you for a deposit.

Article 7
Penalty clause

If the client’s insolvency makes a judicial collection necessary, the client promises to pay, in addition to the principal amount, costs, expenses, and fees ordinarily and legally owed by the client, damages set at 20% of the principal amount including taxes.

Article 8
Applicable law and assignment of jurisdiction

Contracts entered into by LIGN’E are subject to French law. In cases of problems of interpretation or execution of the present document, even in cases of appeal concerning guarantee or plurality of defendants, the Toulouse Tribunal of Commerce has sole jurisdiction.

Article 9
Personal data

A / Data collection, Purpose of Processing and Identity of the Data Controller
The service provider collects and processes the personal data and information of its client and its representatives for
the following purposes (hereinafter referred to together as “Processing Purpose”):
• Carry out operations relating to customer and business management, and the monitoring of the commercial relationship,
• Perform operations relating to customer satisfaction
• Manage requests for the right of access, rectification and opposition,
• Manage unpaid bills and litigation.

The service provider has the status of Data Controller within the meaning of applicable law and regulations.
The data collected by the service provider is processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. The data collected is adequate, relevant and
limited to what is strictly necessary with regard to the Purpose of the Processing.

B / Data collected and consent
The customer and his representatives are referred to as the Customer in this document.
The Customer acknowledges being informed that he has the right to withdraw his consent at any time.
The latter expressly and unequivocally accepts to transmit to the company providing the service, his names, first names, postal address,
e-mail address, telephone number, bank card number, and this within the framework of the Processing Purposes set out above.

C / Information and access to personal data
In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 and the law on data processing and freedoms
amended on January 6, 1978, the service provider, which has the status of Data Controller, informs the Customer of the following points:
a) The Customer accepts that the personal data concerning him collected by the service provider company within the framework of these presents be transmitted
to subcontractors with whom it has a contractual relationship for the sole purpose of executing the contract, provided that these third-party recipients
personal data are subject to regulations guaranteeing an appropriate and appropriate level of protection as defined in EU Regulation 2016/679.
This information is kept by him or any company appointed for this purpose, under legal and regulatory conditions.
The Customer will be informed prior to any transfer of his personal data outside the European Union.
In such a case, the service provider undertakes to comply with the regulations in force and to put in place all necessary measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data thus transferred.

b) The service provider will keep the information and personal data for the maximum legal or regulatory period applicable depending on the Purpose of Processing.

c) The Customer has a right of access, rectification, erasure, limitation, portability and opposition of the data collected concerning him.
Thus, the data collected by the service provider in the context of these presents may give rise to the exercise of the right of access and rectification
under the conditions provided for by EU Regulation 2016/679.
Any Customer may at any time obtain a copy of the information concerning him on simple request addressed to the service provider and transmit it to another data controller.
The Customer may request, at the address below, a deletion or rectification of this information in writing.
He may at any time oppose the receipt of commercial solicitations, have his contact details changed, oppose their communication by sending a notification by registered mail or email followed by an acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: lignexpo @

d) The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint with a national supervisory authority.

e) The requirement to provide personal data as defined in paragraph B conditions the acceptance of these T & Cs. The customer is required to provide the aforementioned Data.