Ref. 850 - Counters and Display units
PNG showcase AZUR

Showcase Azur - 850

From  210  Excl tax
Ref. 810 - Counters and Display units
PNG showcase DELTA front

Showcase Delta - 810

From  198  Excl tax
Ref. 860 - Counters and Display units
PNG showcase HORIZON

Showcase Horizon - 860

From  276  Excl tax
Ref. 1972 - Accessories
PNG wine cellar

Wine Cellar - 1972

From  717  Excl tax

Discover our carefully chosen selection of display cases for event rental in Toulouse, the Toulouse region and throughout France. At Lign’E, we offer you a small but elegant range of column displays, display counters and wine cellars, designed to showcase your products in a sophisticated way during your events.

Our display cases are carefully selected for their quality and aesthetics. Whether you need to display products vertically with our tall display cases, present items at a lower level with our display counter or store and display wine bottles with our wine cellar, each model is designed to attract attention and impress your guests.

Made from high-quality materials, our display cases offer both durability and elegance. The transparent glass allows maximum visibility of your products, while the careful finishes add a touch of refinement to your event space.

At Lign’E, we understand the importance of presenting your products in a professional and attractive manner. This is why we provide you with a selection of high-end display cases, perfectly suited for trade shows, exhibitions, corporate events and much more.

Contact us today to discover our selection of display cases and book now to guarantee their availability for your event in Toulouse or throughout France.

Opt for elegant, functional display cases adapted to your needs with Lign’E, and ensure that your product presentation stands out for its excellence and style.